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CytAtlas™ - The most advanced immune discovery platform driving the next generation of precision medicines.

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the imu platform

Mapping the immune system in unprecedented detail and scale.

IMU’s discovery platform, CytAtlas™ is building a new understanding of the immune system across health and disease, through next generation high resolution, systems-level immune profiling with AI & ML analytics.

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advance precision medicines

The IMU platform, CytAtlas™ is being applied across health and disease to advance translational research and accelerate the drug development process.

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IMU is at the forefront of accelerating cell therapy drug development processes. Leveraging our advanced immune analytics platform, we address critical development challenges such as donor selection, product characterisation, and patient stratification and monitoring. This integrated approach ensures a more efficient and effective development process to get cutting edge therapies to the right patients.

IMU is dedicated to advancing the field of immuno-oncology by exploring the system-level immune signatures of cancer. Our focus encompasses the entirety of the patient journey, including early detection, precise patient stratification, and advanced monitoring for responses, toxicity, and potential relapse.

IMU is pioneering the use of innovative, systems-level immunological approaches for patient monitoring and the early detection of graft rejection. Our objective is to spearhead the development of the next generation of advanced diagnostic tools, setting new standards in medical technology and patient care.

IMU is at the cutting edge of medical innovation with its AI & ML powered analytics platform, designed to address critical challenges in the treatment of autoimmune disease. This includes the management of refractory diseases and the discovery of novel therapeutic targets. IMU is extending these advanced methodologies to novel research areas, including the study of psychosis, broadening the horizons of medical research and patient care.

our mission

IMU is founded on the belief that leveraging deep, systems-level immunophenotyping at a population scale, combined with the latest advancements in AI and ML, is essential for unlocking the immense potential of the immune system as a tool in the development of precision immune medicines.

We are driven by the belief that in the future, no medical decision will be made without truly understanding a patient's immune system, heralding a new era of precision healthcare.

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the team

We’re a team of healthcare experts, immunologists, clinicians, technologists, developers and researchers with a bold ambition: To transform our understanding of the immune system and advance precision medicine. 

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our investors

Press release

IMU Biosciences secures £11.5 million in Series A funding to revolutionise immune powered precision medicine

London, UK, 24 January 2024 — IMU Biosciences (or “the Company”), a techbio company revolutionising immune powered precision medicine, today announces the close of a £11.5 million Series A financing round. The round was led by European tech VC Molten Ventures and included LifeX Ventures and other individuals.

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