Immune powered precision medicine

Mapping the immune system across health and disease to advance precision medicine


IMU is a discovery engine mapping the immune system in unprecedented detail and scale to deliver unique, systems-level immune insights


IMU is partnering to unlock the potential of the immune system and advance immune medicines

Patient stratification

The right patient for the right drug

Immune medicine is revolutionising cancer treatment but only works in ~20% of patients. This is due to the huge variation in immune competence across patient groups. IMU can stratify patients by systemic immune signatures to enhance our understanding of which patients will respond to treatment, how patients can be better primed before treatment and to guide the better design of combination therapies.

Patient monitoring

Non-invasive, frequent patient analysis

The IMU platform requires only 2ml of fresh or cryopreserved blood samples. This allows for regular, cost-effective monitoring of patients’ immune systems for signatures of treatment response, immune reconstitution after lymphodepletion, irTOX, disease progression or relapse. The low material requirements and real time data analysis allow IMU to fit seamlessly into clinical workflows. 

Cell therapy production

Donor stratification by immune signatures

Immune cells do not exist in isolation in vivo; rather, the immune environment from which they derive can shed light on how effective the cells will be in vitro. IMU can stratify cell therapy donors by systemic immune analysis that permits the identification of specific signatures correlating with successful expansion and functional endpoints.

How we do it

The science behind


About us

IMU was founded on the belief that deep immunophenotyping at population level scale powered by machine learning could unlock the power of the immune system to help develop the next generation of immune medicines. We believe that in the future, no medical decision will be made without an understanding of a patient's immune system. 

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The team

We’re a team of healthcare experts, immunologists, clinicians, technologists, developers and researchers with a bold ambition: To revolutionise our understanding of the immune system and derive tangible, actionable value from that understanding.

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IMU team

Dr. Adam Laing


Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Thomas Hayday


Co-founder & Chief Research Officer

Dr. Jennie Yang


R&D and QA Lead

Jeremy Mason


Head of Data Science

Mario Cantero


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pelle Ullberg

Software Engineer

Chief Technology Officer

Arnaud Haines


Business Development

Dr. Eduardo de Paiva


Data Science Lead

Gabija Drazdauskaitė


Senior Research Assistant, R&D

Clara Dubois


Strategy & Operations


Andrew Johnson


Partner at Beaumont Capital

Tim Haines


Investor & Advisor
Managing Partner at Abingworth

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