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A team of healthcare experts, immunologists, technologists and researchers driving the next generation of precision medicines


The foundation of IMU is built on the belief that deep systems level immunophenotyping at a population level, powered by the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning, will lead to a totally new understanding of the immune system and help develop the next-generation precision medicines. IMU is fulfilling this vision with its proprietary discovery engine, and building a comprehensive Immune Atlas that covers the spectrum of health and disease, to advance precision medicine.

The technology is the result of ten years of research from King’s College London and was initially applied during the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-founders Dr. Adam Laing and Dr. Tom Hayday demonstrated the effectiveness of the platform in understanding the human immune response to the virus. The success of this project not only showcased the technology's potential but also underscored its wide applicability in multiple healthcare fields, with the potential to transform how we approach health and disease. IMU has built an amazing team of healthcare experts, immunologists, technologists and researchers to make this bold mission a reality.

At IMU, we strongly believe that in the future, no medical decision will be made without an understanding of a patient's immune system.

Our investors

the IMU team

Dr. Adam Laing, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas Hayday, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Mario Cantero, MBA

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Mason, MS

Chief Information Officer

Pelle Ullberg

Chief Technology Officer

Arnaud Haines, MBA

Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Jennie Yang, PhD

R&D and QA Lead

Dr. Duncan McKenzie, PhD

Discovery Lead

Dr. Eduardo de Paiva, PhD

Data Science Lead

Gabija Drazdauskaitė, MS

Research Scientist

Clara Dubois

Commercial Operations

Dr. Hamed Haseli, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Lilian Williams, MS

Senior Scientist

Dr. Benjamin Thomas, PhD

Data Scientist

Dr. Paul Rouse, PhD

Research Scientist

Amy Duguid

Research Scientist

Sergii Gryshkevych, MS

Lead Developer

board of directors

Tim Haines, MBA

Oliver Nussbaumer, PhD

Inga Deakin, PhD

Dr. Adam Laing, PhD

Mario Cantero, MBA


capture unprecedented immune insights.
advance precision medicines

The IMU platform, CytAtlas™ is being applied across health and disease to advance translational research and accelerate the drug development process.

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