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Mapping the immune system in unprecedented detail and scale

Powered by deep and broad immune profiling with proprietary AI and ML analytics, IMU's discovery platform, CytAtlas™ is fuelling a new understanding of the immune system to advance the future of precision medicine. IMU can power your translational research or clinical practice, from diagnostics to drug development and treatment response.


cell subsets


Fresh or cryopreserved blood


real time
AI & ml analytics


building LArgest
immune data set


systems level

CYTATLAS™: THE imu platform

Scalable, high-resolution and economical immune profiling

  • Provides +2,000 discrete cell subsets capturing systems-level immune insights and signatures.

  • Streamlined wet lab workflow requiring small volumes of fresh blood or cryopreserved material.

Proprietary AI & ML analytics engine

  • Real time analysis of highly complex immune data delivering unique, systems-level immune insights.

  • Predictive and diagnostic models of immune system orchestration and disease status.

Broad, deep and unique immune database

  • Building the world’s largest immune database from healthy donors, biobanks and research projects.

  • Aggregating other biomarkers to enable broad interrogation of immune-mediated disease and drug response.


capture unprecedented immune insights.
advance precision medicines

The IMU platform, CytAtlas™ is being applied across health and disease to advance translational research and accelerate the drug development process.

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